Some Like it Hot Oil

V05 hot oil, greasy hair, smooth hair, soft hairI really do not know who is doing the marketing for V05 hot oil, but I really think they need to give me a call. First off – with the serious throwbacks to the 90’s that are happening right now, (everywhere and anywhere) V05 have a gold mine on their hands. Not to mention that shit works. It is the same with all my friends and anyone I talk to. There is something about V05 hot oil that makes you feel nostalgic. Maybe it is the memory of my mom keeping some V05 shampoo & conditioner in the shower, or like Athena, maybe it’s your grandma telling you to rub the cream in your wet hair after a swim in the ocean, but whatever it is, it is a God send.

V05 hot oil, greasy hair, smooth hair, soft hair

The other amazing thing about V05 hot oil is it cost like $2.00. I mean when was the last time you got any kind of hair oil treatment for two dollars. Probably. Never. But that is fine, I love spending tons on money on hair treatments, when I could have just bought the V05 hot oil treatment for two bucks.

The reason I think they need to call me is because they let me, someone who lives for beauty, forget about their product. That is seriously hard to do. I forget a lot of stuff, but I rarely forget about a good beauty product that I have used and loved.

So here it is. V05 Hot Oil. The instructions say to use the entire tube. Which I did. Please don’t do that. It took me two days and about 5 washes to truly get all the oil out of my hair. I would say to use about a dime size amount of oil for medium length hair. The good news, no the great news is, once I got the oil out of my hair WOW, never been softer.

V05 hot oil, greasy hair, smooth hair, soft hair

Proceed with Caution and Enjoy:
1. Place the unopened tube into a cup of hot water for one minute to heat.
2. Before shampooing, massage contents of the tube into wet hair.
3. Leave on up to one minute.
4. Rinse hair, scalp, and skin throughly.
5. Shampoo as usual.
6. Style and go.

So maybe give it a try if you are into having shinny, healthy, super soft hair. And if not then you are ristupidiculame (just kidding. Sort of.) Also, maybe give it a try on the weekend just incase you put too much oil in your hair like I did. I went to work with a total grease spot on my crown, I didn’t care, I’m just saying if you do… maybe wait for the weekend.


V05 hot oil, greasy hair, smooth hair, soft hair

***beauty always comes from within, photos from here and there, XOXO, behind the mirror***


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  • Sarah

    Oiling your hair is proven to deeply nourish your locks. With this price tag it’s definitely worth a try. Thanks for sharing.

    • Behind the Mirror

      Absolutely! I just did the oil treatment again last weekend without dumping the entire tube on my head this time and my hair has never been softer.

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