The Right Note

For Justin Bieber,
Because he is eye candy…
So you can have eyes that sing beauty!
As told to Behind the Mirror by Kerry McCarthy.

A few weeks ago, as I was majorly stressing and losing sleep over my sister’s wedding, my dark under-eye circles became more pronounced than usual.  At the same time, a Lifebooker deal arrived in my inbox for a “Biolift Eye treatment” (this is apparently a thing).  It promised to lighten and tighten my under eye bags for 2-3 weeks and $19 by stimulating the collagen through tiny currents massaged into the eye area.

So I trekked very early on the Saturday before the big day to a small spa in my old ‘hood Chinatown.  Candy, the owner, had me lie down on a table as if I was getting a facial.  First she thoroughly cleaned and moisturized my face; then, for about 20 minutes on each eye, pushed two drumstick-like sticks around each in circles.  The whole process was virtually painless (I could only feel any sort of current right at the inside of my eye) and the end result was a vast improvement.  The skin was a bit red at first but the darkness was gone and I felt like it tightened everything up.  The down side was that it only last about 2 days, not two weeks.
So, since I can’t spare 40 minutes and a trip to Chinatown (which brings back awful memories of summer 2009) every week, I rely on two products.  Avon Clinical Eye Lift is dual purpose: a gel for the upper eye lid to brighten and tighten and a cream for the bottom to moisturize and stimulate.  Use twice a day and you should see improvement in about two weeks.
To cover up for the day, you can’t beat Bobbi Brown’s Corrector in Bisque (Porcelain Bisque for me).   Its thickness completely covers any remaining darkness from late nights at the office or out and about in NYC without seeming cakey or settling into lines…either way, when I finally meet the Biebs, my bright blue eyes should be able to seduce him.  And if not, I’ll have my wedding favor as consolation.

In anticipation of the Grammy’s this weekend we thought it would only be right to put up a post for Justin since he was left out of the nominations this year.

***beauty always comes from within, photos from here .  xoxo, behind the mirror***
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