Deserted & On To Healthy Hair

girl with pink hair, girl with messy bed head, behind the mirror, deserted & on to healthy hair

Bear with me, this is going to be a stretch…

On Sunday night I did not watch the Super Bowl. Rather, I proceeded as I would on any other Sunday night. I left the apartment around 8pm (cue half-time show.) I walked completely by myself on the street, each sole stranger I occasionally passed made me feel like those characters in holiday movies alone on Christmas without any family or friends. But I wasn’t alone, in fact, I was going to have a drink with one of my best friends Devin, visiting from Barcelona.

The city deserted is a very eerie place. The streets seem darker, shadows seem creepy and sneak up on you, giving a little spook in your chest each time — as if someone is chasing you. It started to lightly rain and the wind was quite aggressive like the beginning of good Hitchcock movie. As I walked past windows with Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers blasting, I was reminded of this one year when I went with some friends to Times Square for New Years Eve.

Ok, let’s be very clear, I did not stand outside in the cold for two days to see the ball drop. I was invited to a party on the upper floor of building in Times Square. A police escort took me through the crowd to the building, escorted me downstairs, right in front of the ball about 2 minutes before it dropped, and then I was led back to the party, also in the company of a police escort and behind the safe wall of many gated off areas. It sounds very extravagant because it was: an experience I was lucky enough to participate in. At the end of the night, after the party had drawn to a close, Claire and I walked right through the middle of a completely abandoned Times Square. There was no one. We called it our ‘I am legend’ experience. Times Square was deserted after the ball dropped, Alphabet City was deserted during the Super Bowl, and sometimes things are deserted for a reason.  Example: Chernobyl, my flat iron, or winter. They are deserted because they suck.

girl with crazy hair, girl with messy bed head, behind the mirror, deserted & on to healthy hair

My ramblings are about to come together to a cohesive thought. Refinery 29 released 10 things that damage our hair from the inside out. I found this very interesting and thought most of these could be deserted just like Chernobyl.

This list went like this:

Skipping Breakfast

“The body considers hair to be a nonessential tissue… ‘So, when you avoid putting nutrients in your body in the morning, you’re starting the day in a deficit.’ Meaning: Your body uses nutrients for more important things first and if there’s nothing left for your hair? Well, too bad.”

Juice Cleanses

“Much like skipping breakfast, a juice cleanse deprives the body of nutrients… your body doesn’t know where it’s going to get its next nutrient from, it holds off on supplying nutrients to the hair.”

Over Drying

“It’s not taking it from wet to dry that’s the problem — it’s taking it from dry to over-dry. You know those last few minutes of blowdrying, when you put the finishing touch on your already perfect look? … [it’s] within those extra, typically unnecessary minutes that we’re doing the most damage and dehydrating our hair. Hair is a very strong fiber and can take this sort of drying about once a week.”

girl with crazy hair, girl with messy bed head, behind the mirror, deserted & on to healthy hair

Brushing the roots first

“If you have a lot of knots, when you brush from the roots down, you are brushing those knots into each other and tightening them… Instead, just start from the bottom and work your way up.”

Scalp Denial

“If your scalp is dry and itchy beyond a couple of days or a week, you need to do something about it. When your skin doesn’t feel good, it means it needs something. You wouldn’t ignore a dry, itchy face for more than a week, right? Time to spread that same love to the scalp… Luckily, there are plenty of dandruff shampoos that can help.”

Thoughts? Can we actually desert some things  for beautiful hair?

And thanks for reading along, sometimes it is tough, I hear ya. For the rest of the list check it out here.
girl with crazy hair, girl with messy bed head, behind the mirror, deserted & on to healthy hair
***beauty always comes from within, photos from here, here, and here, xoxo behind the mirror***
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  • Talita Táiti

    Great tips! I do most of these already, but I should definitely be paying my winter-burdended scalp a little more love.

    xx, TT

  • Victoria Larroque

    this was really great! i had absolutely no idea that skipping breakfast could be damaging to your hair.

  • Natalia

    I wouldn’t give up on juicing though – cleanse for several days – yes, it’s not a good idea, but one day wouldn’t make a negative impact. When it comes to healthy hair, I don’t think it’s just about what to leave out, but also what to put it. (and in fact, certainly raw juices can actually be one of the good things to think of)

    As for the scalp – again, shampoo isn’t exactly the answer or perfect remedy. It all starts inside and has to be looked into. x

    • Great comment! I don’t think I can give up on juicing either… I can only manage a day at a time, which shouldn’t have too much of a negative impact. Thanks for contributing to the conversation.

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