Orange is the New Black Beauty Guide

As a general rule I try not to be presumptuous. But, between weekend brunches and sunny beach days my conversations have led me to believe it is safe to say most of us binge-watched some Orange is the New Black last week. Obviously. So while lists of demands were being fulfilled through a tunnel full of sewer, I couldn’t help but wonder what my commissary tab would consist of or what I would have to get in from the outside.

I would like to think I could go au natural. A more realistic version of myself while incarcerated in a federal prison would require at the very least some under eye concealer because if I think the bags need some attention now, only Crazy Eyes could imagine the attention they would require on the inside. Oh! and some shimmery lip gloss in orange. Again, obviously. As an observer who still has all my rights, it appears some blue eyeshadow comes in handy, but let’s skip that in lieu of some subtle nail polish? The beauty guide is as follows… “because bitches gots to learn.”

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1// Clarins Sunscreen 2// Nars Blush 3// Chanel Nail Polish 4// Chanel Black Eyeliner
5// Mac Lipstick 6// YSL Lip Gloss

So what beauty product could you just not live without if you had to spend 15 months in a federal prison?

***beauty always comes from within, photo created by Amanda Teague, xoxo behind the mirror***

Clarins Sunscreen Nars Blush Chanel Nail Polish Chanel Eyeliner Mac Lipstick YSL

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  • Gloss and Dirt Blog

    Love this! And love OITNB, OF COURSE.

  • Jessica (What To Style)

    Cool inspiration! That YSL lipgloss looks awesome! =)


  • Ashley White

    Orange baby, I’m all about the orange! Actually wear an orange dress in today’s post, haha.

    Great beauty rundown, babe! I want all these beauty goodies! :)


    • Love some orange! and love your post with the orange dress, super cute!!

  • Raissa

    I love this post! Really liked the new season, better than the last. I don’t think I could live without a good face mask. Sheet or clay. I could go without makeup though.

    Raissa | The Leather Fanny Pack

    • I agree! The second season was better than the first, and I would definitely need a face mask of some sort, lol.

  • For Vanity’s Sake

    what a fun post! I feel like I’m the only person in the world who is not watching this show :P
    If I had to go to prison, I’d take a mascara and bb cream at the least!!

    • Montserrat Sobral

      same here! X)

      I would take with me BB lip balm and blush. And my eyelash curler!

  • 365hangers

    This is the cutest. We watched the whole thing last weekend and loved every second of it. Not sure what we would need on the inside, it would be a disaster haha


  • Tanja

    Isn’t there a series which has the same name? I thought so. I like this post although I’m not such a big fan of orange.

    • Yes, it is a netflix series that came out in the beginning of June for the second season… it is a good one.

  • Lary Mello

    nice post! :)
    I never seen the serie… but it’s time to give a look :P

  • Femmenine NY

    Second season complete in a day and a half. I could not wait to see how it ended and now I am just dying for Season 3. I think its so interesting that you tied this post to the show especially because a lot of the contraband on the show is makeup. Not sure how that would play out in real life but that eyeshadow will get you!

    • I know! It this show is so addictive. I had a very hard time turning it off…

  • Laurie Leopold

    I finished the second season in a week. I just cannot help myself. Prison would be so hard for me….I would probably want a big tub of coconut oil. And a brow pencil. So hard!

    • Right!!! Most everyone I know finished the second season in a week, haha! I would never survive prison.

  • Sarah

    Definitely lip balm, can’t live without it any more and this for YEARS! I can’t go to bed without and apply it several times a day. My b-friend, who probably never ever applied any lip balm in his life, has the softest lips ever so I should overthink but the addiction is too strong…Regarding orange: just not my color I’m afraid. I am fancying the “new” peach trend though :)
    xx, Sarah

  • Natalia

    I’ve just finished watching the second series… Loved this show! Also really like orange, but mainly in a form of accessories rather than make-up because the latter just doesn’t suit me. I think I wouldn’t miss make-up if I had to go without for a while, but I would definitely miss my skincare products, especially the oil blend (I make it myself…) x

    • I totally agree with you on the orange front, and my initial thoughts were to get skincare products, but then I thought those might get stolen by the other inmates LOL… You could sell the oil blend on the inside and then you would be on top! hehe :D

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