April Showers Confessions

For Your Knowledge, 
Because someone’s ears are burning…
So listen and learn!

Every now and again I like to put something up I read and found interesting in a publication or online… Also because I, like everyone else, am lazy sometimes… telling you what someone else wrote is easier than writing something myself…
I stumbled upon an article on Allure.com titled Confessions of a Beauty Editor. These types of articles come out “pretty much a lot.” Typically these articles are all the same and very boring. However, I found this one pretty useful.
Skin Confessions:
1.) Put your money on Retinoids for anti-aging and skin firmness.
2.) There is a lot more to a product than pretty packaging.
3.) Never step outside without applying sunscreen – even in the dead of winter.
4.) Only copy machines need toners.
“The pitch from facialists and publicists usually goes like this: Toner removes the soap and dirt that face-washing leaves behind… (What’s) the logic in a product that can be made superfluous simply by rinsing your face a few more times… the black shadow on the cotton ball and the clean, tingly feeling they leave behind… I promise you, they aren’t necessary at all.”
5.) Sometimes you can skip the eye cream.
“Those tiny pots of cream or gel may feel cool and silky, but they’re not a skin-care staple for everyone. Most regular old face lotions can be used safely around the eyes as long as your skin is not sensitive or prone to puffiness…”
-Amanda behind the mirror.
Hair Confessions:
1.) Find the Perfect Hair.
“The most flattering cut—on virtually any hair texture—is a little shaggy and layered… that means shoulder-length with a few long layers in front. There should be no elaborate layering in back: It’s too Carol Brady on straight hair and too puff-inducing for curls. That also means no layers (above eye-length) on short hair or above the earlobes on long hair. And by long hair, a style that falls no more than a few inches below your collarbone. ‘If you aren’t expected at fifth-period calculus, your hair should not hang lower than your breasts, it looks like you’re trying too hard to reclaim your youth.’ Sorry, Demi.”
2.) Never wash your hair more than three times a week &  sleep with the upper layers in a little ponytail on top of the head to give hair extra volume in the morning.
3.) Master a perfect pony tail.
“The secret is positioning it slightly higher on the back of the head. That way, when you brush back the hair on the sides, you’re doing it on an upward diagonal. It’s like an instant face-lift… add a tiny dab of shine cream to the ends—otherwise, it just looks like a gym ponytail.” 
Body Confessions:
1.) No soap head to toe.
“The showers may be lined with a king’s ransom of products, but it turns out many beauty editors don’t use soap from head to toe… wash only the parts you really need to in the shower, because many cleansers, no matter how moisturizing they say they are, ultimately dry the skin. Plus, you end up taking a shorter shower this way, which also keeps skin from drying out.'”
2.) Wax, manicure, and carefully pedicure – even in the dead of winter.
3.) Don’t wear a french manicure or pedicure – EVER.
4.) Make fragrance last without fumigating everyone on the elevator.
“Don’t just try to look nice all the time… try to smell nice all the time, too… spray perfume on the backs of wrists, knees, and neck… never rub, because… rubbing crushes the molecules of the fragrance and ruins the scent. Perrotta spritzes only the inner elbows and behind the knees, since they stay a little moist… fragrance lasts better in humidity.”
The TEN COMMANDMENTS came pouring down.
1.Skip concealer beyond the middle of the undereye—it exaggerates wrinkles.
2.Dab creamy cover-up on the inner corners of the eyes, by the bridge of the nose. This is the area that’s darkest, and ironically, also the one most women forget.
3. Press loose powder on the T-zone with a puff, paying special attention to the patch between the brows (which can look shinier because of waxing).
4. Curl lashes before applying mascara. It makes fringe look longer and eyes look bigger.
5. Dab the gunky blob of excess mascara from the tip of the wand onto a tissue; otherwise, it’ll leave a smudge or a splotch.
6. If you have undereye circles, apply mascara to the top lashes only (on the bottom lashes, it can make dark circles look worse).
7. Apply an extra few coats of mascara to the outer corners of the lashes to make eyes look elongated.
8. Don’t line your lips with anything but a pencil that matches your natural lip color. Or skip it entirely.
9. When in doubt, choose a pinkish-brown lipstick, and never apply it beyond the natural lip line or to the corners of your mouth—unless you want to look like the Joker.
10. Before you go out, check your teeth, and rub off that lipstick.
As we embrace the April Showers that will bring May flowers I encourage you to take a break and MAKE IT RAIN with my cat friends here!
***beauty always comes from within, photos from here , there, and everywhere the rest are 100% mine!  xoxo, behind the mirror***
100% mine photo cred to ClaireOverThere
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