Lessons Learned

in a hip hop dance class


Something that may not be obvious about me is I love hip hop! Love it. I love rap. I find it to require a huge amount of talent. It’s clever and fun. I love Eminem, I really love Snoop Dogg. Then there’s Nicki Minaj, A$AP Rocky, Tupac, Iggy Azalea, Lauryn Hill, I could go on forever. I know the way some of them speak about women is wrong. Consider it a guilty pleasure. (more…)

10 Beauty Rules to Break

behind the mirror, girls climbing a fence, do not enter sign, breaking the rule

If we learned anything from the Hunger Games, it’s that rules don’t mean much. (more…)

Behind the Mirror of… Kerry McCarthy

Marc Jacobs Make-up Bag, Make-up, Behind the Mirror

Behind the Mirror of…

Kerry McCarthy

Wholesale Business Planner, Theory

Kerry “dark beauty” (gaelic)

No introduction needed. The most sincere, beautifully honest behind the mirror to date. (more…)

Another Bug Bites the Dust

Stars and Stripes in the Desert
For Rebecca,
Because blood is sweet, 
So don’t feed the animals!
Once upon a 4th of July, on a hot, steamy and humid day mosquitoes and bugs flourished over the long forgotten barbecues of summers past. A short time before the holiday weekend and the same day I heard a repulsive story about eating cicadas on NPR this landed on my g-chat – “I have a behind the mirror challenge for you…” to which I replied “Bring It!” naturally…
“Bug Bites…like the best possible solution to reduce swelling and to avoid them without using jungle type bug spray!!! I mean…I use this Johnson & Johnson baby oil that has bug repellent in it, I’ve also had to wear the bracelets because apparently bugs love my blood… wearing a bracelet that is bug repellent ain’t exactly HOT.”

No Deodorant No Problem

deodorant heat test
For a Good Time Call,
Because last week we were sitting pretty…
So bring the heat!


Summer Magic Hair

For Summer Wizards (like Marcie),
Because you’re back and don’t know this potion…
So this is a summer magic hair show!!!


Alcohol or Nail Polish Remover?

For Alienor (Alien),
Because we’ve turned her into one of us…
So what now?!?!?!


Muddy the Waters

For my Marc Jacobs Girls,
Because if you ain’t dirty…
So here’s a tip on getting dirty!


Get Your Game On

For Jen,

Because sometimes you have to play all four quarters…
So play hard without looking exhausted!


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