In Your Face

For Devin, 
Because I miss you
So here’s what you’re missing!

Mario Testino’s first U.S. exhibit opened last weekend at the Museum of Fine Art, Boston. 

“She didn’t have a mirror or anything in front of her, just a palette of makeup. I asked her to put her finger on the blue and touch her eye, then put her finger on the red and touch her mouth…
Being a fashion photographer, we deal with making people look the best they can, all the time, by enhancing their beauty. But this was about embracing the beauty inside of a person, to show that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is her eyes and her gaze that control the image.” – Mario Testino

So Devin, while putting a finger on the blue and touching our eyes may not be the makeup application we are looking for, embracing the beauty inside us is always a great application!

Rock Stud Hero

For Kerry, 

Because she showed me the bedazzler
So I will show her a thing or two about spots!
Rhinestones, crystals, or metal studs, you can virtually make any kind of spots you want with a bedazzler. 
As was shown to me, the bedazzler can put any type of spot we desire on our clothes.
However Kerry, when it comes to our complexion we desire the opposite.

Just Add Water

For Marcie, 
Because she taught me how to make tea…
So I will teach her about a hair mask!
A lot of people already know how to do both, however some only know one or the other.
As I learned yesterday, the thing with tea is you just add hot water.
Well Marcie, as it turns out, a hair mask is pretty much the same concept…

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