The Many Faces of Gwyn, Kate, and Nicole

Nicole Richie with Harlow, Nicole Richie in denim shorts, Nicole Richie black boots,

For Ben,

Because he understands,
So change it up, bitch…

It has been brought to my attention that I’m not much for routines. I’ve never made it to work at the same time each day, I’ve never been able to commit to something “once a week” such as yoga and for the most part I think it is safe to say, I like to change it up…

With that being said, we are kissing the “series” goodbye. I will update those thoughts when they mean something. Predictability doesn’t turn me on.

One of my favorite things about beauty is the ability to completely transform your look into something completely new at a moments notice… Sick of your hair? Cut it off. Tired of being confused for a dumb, blonde, beach girl? Dye your hair black. Not feeling the princess vibe, would you rather rock the pauper look? Omit make-up all together…

I change my look a lot, or so I’ve been told. One apartment sharing witness testified to the boyfriend the following transcript:

Neighbor – “How was your weekend?”
BF – ” Great, my girlfriend and I went to the beach.”
Neighbor – “Girlfriend? I see you coming home with a different girl every other week…”
BF – “Yeah, that’s Amanda… same girl, lots of different looks… We’ve been together over 5 years.”
Neighbor – “wow, really?”
BF – “Yep.”

This also explains why this alleged apartment sharing witness doesn’t say hi to me… Like. Ever.

Apartment building etiquette aside, changing my look is fun and keeps the mundanes at bay…

Changing your look also comes in handy if you enter the witness protection program, or if you need to go incognito so an ex doesn’t see you in a crowd, or if you simply don’t have the patience to talk with all your parent’s friends every time you schelp down south.

This point was only driven home further at the recent wedding of two good friends, when a friend (friend might be too strong, but for sure a solid acquaintance as she is someone I see quite often) didn’t recognize me… In the past, I have chalked these instances up to other people’s stupidity. Thinking in my head, “Is she on crack? I just saw her like two months ago.” But then Noa came to visit and all I wanted to do was dye my hair, cut it, and get new make-up… It was makeover central… Then it hit me.

I change the way I look a lot. But I am not the only one…

So… How often do you change your look? Do you change it with the season? Or do you change it on a whim? Or do you change it never?

***beauty always comes from within, photos are from pinterest (I pinned them, find the source there), XOXO behind the mirror***


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