The Doctor Facial Treatment

Behind the Mirror, The Doctor Facial Treatment, Mario Badescu, Facial, Best Facial in New York

I do not like going to the doctor. It is like a confessional of all my bad habits. Things start off pretty easy. “How have you been feeling?” the doctor asks innocently enough… But then the tough questions start. “Do you drink alcohol?”  Obviously, I drink alcohol… The questionnaire continues with, “More than four drinks a week?” Again, obviously… More than that, it turns into a rabbit hole of questions and answers and I am not 100% sure how to gain ground. “Do you smoke?” usually comes next. “Well, let me think…”

If anything else, I always proceed with caution answering most questions with my favorite one word answer, “Socially.”

“Do you drink?” The doctor asks, “Socially” I answer.

“Do you smoke?” “…Socially.”

Behind the Mirror, The Doctor Facial Treatment, Mario Badescu, Facial, Best Facial in New York

I repeat this over and over making sure she understands I do participate in all these past times that for some reason are deemed fun everywhere outside the doctor’s office, but it also let’s her know I am not an addict under the bridge heating up spoons with a fire I made of sticks.

Seeing my facialist goes about the same way. The difference is I can’t wait to answer all her questions and get some much-deserved affirmation on my good deeds. Same as the doctor’s questions, it starts out pretty easy, “Are you drinking 8 glasses of water a day?” she asks.  “Yes!” I say with too much excitement.

“You aren’t sleeping in your make-up, are you?”

“Nope!” I reply so quickly she can’t even get the next sentence out of her mouth…

“You shouldn’t work out in your make-up either, you know?”

“I do know, and I definitely do not work out in my make-up” (mainly because I hardly work out at all.)

Behind the Mirror, The Doctor Facial Treatment, Mario Badescu, Facial, Best Facial in New York

The thing that you should know is my facialist is Juila at Mario Badescu. She is kind of a legend and I am going to go ahead and say, she is also kind of a grandma… which I love.

She moves from quizzing me about taking off my make-up to applying eye cream, letting me know the skin around my eyes is much thinner than the rest of the skin on my face. “You have to apply it morning and night,” she says very assertively.

This assertiveness is also what makes her great at her job. Clogged pores are not safe in her presence. She is going to extract them, no matter what.

Behind the Mirror, The Doctor Facial Treatment, Mario Badescu, Facial, Best Facial in New York

She starts off with some oils and detoxifying steam, which she says only lasts for 10 minutes, not gonna lie, it seems like an eternity. Either way… she comes back to the room and then gently cleanses my skin while lightly massaging around my face and neck area. Each time, she says,

Your face doesn’t stop at your chin, it stops at you shoulders. Always apply lotion and sunscreen on your neck the same as your face.

Behind the Mirror, The Doctor Facial Treatment, Mario Badescu, Facial, Best Facial in New York

After my pores have opened up (or at least I assume that is what we’re waiting for) Julia proceeds to extract all the congested pores. Another reality for anyone who hasn’t indulged in a facial is this: the extraction of congested pores hurts a bit. I didn’t know that the first time I went, and I thought this would be a relaxing treatment. While parts of it are relaxing, the extraction is not.

But, good news – it doesn’t last long. The last several times I have gone, I have also done the Glycolic Acid Treatment. This costs extra, of course, but I think it is worth it. The Glycolic Acid Treatment takes off the top layer of dead, nasty, old skin and makes way for some fresh, baby butt skin. (That is the goal… baby butt skin on my face.) Finally, she wraps everything up with a custom mask made for your skin type. Mine always ends up being a “soothing” mask. This is the result of my super clogged pores + sensitive skin. Basically the combo makes me look like I jumped in a beehive for fun. No one wants to walk out into the world like this so… soothing mask. I wait patiently with the mask on for another 10 minutes (again feels longer.) Afterwards, she wipes my face down and spritzes some rose water.

Finally, she never forgets to remind me I didn’t answer all the questions with flying colors.

Behind the Mirror, The Doctor Facial Treatment, Mario Badescu, Facial, Best Facial in New York

“Amanda, next appointment in 6 – 8 weeks! Not 6 months please…”

“Yes, yes. I promise to do better.”

And that sentence concludes every doctor’s visit I have ever had.

***beauty always comes from within, photos taken by Amanda Teague, xoxo behind the mirror***

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  • kimmykeeps

    Love your post, your writing has a great personality :D

  • Shayne♥

    haha i love this post amanda :) i esp like you writing style here.
    dont know exactly why but i lold at “More than four drinks a week?” Again, obviously… More than that” i guess it reminds me of my visits with my OBGYNs. they tend to ask questions i dont really want to answer to a stranger :D

    • I feel the same, I mean I know they just need to know for my better health… but still, haha

  • disqus_1KX8J3NkNk

    D and I went there before our wedding you and A came to. Pretty sure I had Julia too. Was she an eastern-european type grandma? She really schooled me on my face- and I got a massage there too.

    • Yes! I believe Julia is eastern european, and that sounds like her. She is the best! I knew your skin looked amazing for your wedding that convinced A he would like to have a wedding, haha! How was the massage there?

      • disqus_1KX8J3NkNk

        It was good, but the girl had a tendency to give the ol’ chestnuts a few fingers if you know what I mean….

      • you know disqus_1KX8J3NkNk, you really shouldn’t ask the technicians to do things like that… :) LOL.

  • Giusy Petrangelo

    I hate going to doctors too haha! anyway, this place looks really really nice! x

  • Charu Sharma

    You have a great blog!! :)

    Well I was wondering if we could follow each other via bloglovin,
    instagram, twitter, facebook and g+? Do visit my blog and let me know
    where you
    follow and I will follow back right away!! :)


    • Sure, I love to support fellow bloggers! Followed on bloglovin and look forward to your posts. :)

  • Ashley White

    I love this!

    My grandmother always taught me to treat the skin on your neck + chest + backs of the hands the same as you do your face (moisturize! SPF!). It’s stuck with me all these years!


    • Your grandmother sounds like a very smart woman with lots of great advice!

    • kimmykeeps

      your grandmother is so right, neck chest is your sec face and back hands is your third face. we should all take care of them ALL! earlier to start see a results in a long run! I have clients are 63 now and going out without make ups and looked fab !

      check out the new popular mask i got from asian.

  • Natalia

    Ah, nice to have a facialist you can trust your face to! x

  • For Vanity’s Sake

    There’s something oddly satisfying about thinking of extracting clogged pores. :P Great post!

    Btw, I saw your comment on my last post! I’m doing a giveaway so you can win of the jewelry featured on my post! :) I hope you can join!

  • KhloeLo

    I love this brand to! they have amazing producs!

    • They do have amazing products, I never leave without some of the vitamin C serum!

  • Sarah

    haha, socially!! Hilarious! Too bad that I can’t say the same in Spanish! Maybe “ocasionalmente” would work…or is there a strict definition how often is an occasion?
    xx, Sarah

    • Sounds like it would work to me… no strict definition that I know about. I think you are good to go!

  • Lary

    nice post! amazing place!
    i really need to check it too :)


  • Kiri Yanchenko

    Ah yes – I went and saw a beautician yesterday and she reminded me to moisturise my neck otherwise I’ll have a really young face and a horrible neck…
    Ahhhhhh thanks for that.

    • Yep, I forget my neck too, which I am guessing my facialist could tell… since she went above and beyond pointing it out, haha.

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