Mascara on the Run, Again

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Today it is about 65 degrees outside. It’s nice. Last week it was not. Over the summer, I put a post up on different situations that come about during the summer that it would be smart to wear waterproof mascara for. I would like to go on the record by saying I have extremely long eyelashes, like bang up the side of my sunglasses and eyebrows long. However, they are white. Not a problem. But the difference between what I look like with mascara on and without is one of the most drastic differences in the world. Like you may think Christianity and Judaism are vastly different. Nope, fundamentally the same (Jesus part aside.) My eyelashes on the other hand with or without mascara, now there is something at totally opposite ends of the spectrum. 

I don’t wear mascara everyday anymore. It used to be my thing. You know that one thing that you would never leave the house without doing. And when I say leave the house I mean apartment, and when I say apartment I mean the subway ride to the office. Either way I didn’t show up to my end destination without mascara on. Those days are gone.

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So I guess I am out of practice, but I found myself going to dinner wearing mascara and between the wind, the chill, and overall atmospheric events of winter my eyes did that “no, I am not crying, cry.” Which is actually worse than “something has made me sad tears.” For example, take the picture of Beyonce. If you saw her, you might say, “Hey Beyonce, what’s wrong, did you and Jay have a fight?” And she would reply, “No, there is a chilly, wind outside.”  See the difference?

Well actually, what is worse than those sad tears is I just bought new mascara and since you know it is like a treat now, I went for the Guerlain Maxi Lash, which totally costs a pretty penny. Therefore, I am not in the mood to now go and buy another $40 bottle of mascara. Popping into Duane Reade I left with Loreal Voluminous Waterproof mascara. God Send. Story over.

Ming Xi

On a side note, I would like to also say it is really hard for me to talk about tears with out some kind of tears for fears reference a long the lines of shout and mad world. Opa(!) now I have.

***beauty always comes from within, photos from here and there, XOXO behind the mirror***
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  • Vanessa

    I generally don’t wear mascara everyday either, because most of waterproof mascaras are all liars, and the ones that don’t smudge on me irritate my eyes by the end of the day. Except Clinique High Impact. That was my baby, until it dried out :( WHY MUST MASCARAS DIE SO YOUNG.

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry

    • I love almost all Clinique products! Going to have to give high impact a try, I have not tried it. It is sad they die so young but sometimes you just have to have a funeral, put them in the ground, and move on, hahahahhaha.

  • Christina Oh

    If I don’t want to spend a bunch of money on mascara, I always go with Maybelline Great Lash. It’s an oldie but goodie and always works like a charm and I’ve never had problems with runs or streaks.

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