5 Easy Ways to Always be Prepared



Remember last Spring? I’ve learned… & I’m Prepared.

I love to be prepared. Especially, when it is for something unpredictable. This is probably because most of the time I am not prepared properly. I am always the one that came out for brunch in a thunderstorm with a suede bag. Or, the one who packed 10 pairs of shorts and 2 pairs of pants for a week in 60 degree weather. I never have the lipstick I want in the bag I am carrying, and the shoes that would look best on the weekends are always at the office. I’m not complaining. Such is life, I am just letting you know why I enjoy the few moments when I really nail it.

There are 5 easy ways that I try to be prepared. They’ve been proven to work for me, but it doesn’t cover everything (obviously). However, if you do end up needing one unexpectedly I promise you will feel awesome in 5 minutes or less. (more…)

What does Beauty Mean to You?


I think a lot about beauty… I talk about beauty, I listen to friends talk about beauty, I read about beauty, and I write about beauty. But, mostly I think about beauty. I think about whether or not it is relevant, about whether or not it really matters, whether or not it’s a good use of my time, and pretty much any other type of over analyzing you could imagine. (more…)

Nailed It!

NailsA (more…)

The Pros and Cons of Bar Soap


Growing up there was always bar soap in the shower. I wasn’t a fan. For several reasons. The first being I hate to do laundry and all the wash cloths over and over again add up. The second being that it just didn’t lather up as nicely as a body wash did. In retrospect, my mother always bought Irish Spring, which smelled amazing. I’ve never asked why she bought the bar soap, but some highly respected ladies of beauty use bar soaps. So, I decided to give bar soaps another try. However, I am nothing if not thorough so I gathered up quite a large collection and got to work. A lot of years have gone by since I last used bar soap, and I expected things had changed quite a bit. The thing with bar soaps are they work just as nicely with a loofa as a body wash does. That took care of ‘not being a fan’ reason number one and reason number two. And, it only took me about 2 seconds to figure that out. (more…)

Tuesday Tip: Wrinkles



The Airplane Kit

airplane kit

New York City was a tundra disaster. Before we left, the streets were a mess. Walking to work took everything out of me. Everything was covered with ice, and manhole fires were rampant. Steam from beneath the pavement burned my eyes. No one knew where to walk and pedestrians were running into one another because neither were able to commit to a clear path. Because there wasn’t one. It was a modern day Gotham City, where the villain was ice rather than the Joker.
These are the reasons we left the frozen tundra for sunnier climates east. Welcome to Tel Aviv. (more…)

Inflight Playlist


I’ve landed in the middle east and begun to relax. It’s nice to be out of the cold. Being chilled to my core had started to wear on me.
I’ve always been able to sleep for the duration of almost any flight. New York to Tokyo, yep… Take off to landing. New York to Paris, every time. And, New York to Tel Aviv was no different. One of my tricks is setting the mood for a peaceful environment to block out everything else that is happening around me. e.g. Crying babies, food carts, laughter, movies on computers without earphones (rude), over zealous flight attendants striking up conversation with everyone, and probably a large number of other things that I miss while being asleep. (more…)

Shopbop Sale Time

ShopbopB (more…)

Words of Wisdom – Mindy Kaling



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