A Hairbrush For Forever

A Hairbrush for Forever, The Perfect Hairbrush, Best Hairbrushes

For the Last Time,

Because it has almost been a year…
So it is time to go with something new!

I am not going to lie to you, I don’t even brush my hair everyday… In fact, if a hair is out of place most of the time I just cut it off with the handy hair cutting scissors I keep on the bathroom counter. This is also why next week when I go get my haircut I am taking a picture of Freja Beha Erichsen. I have a sneaking suspicion she doesn’t brush her hair either. And if she does, it doesn’t look like it, so it is exactly the look I am going for.

I have never been able to justify the time it takes to do my hair “properly.” I know when I stopped. My junior year of high school, and much to Julie’s dismay. Everyday when we would walk into home room through the parking lot, with what I am saying was a lot of swag, she would say to me, “Why can’t you blow dry your hair, it is still wet?”

 Honestly, the answer is because it takes half an hour and I am really tired. While I don’t go out with wet hair at this point in my life, over a decade later that is still the answer.

A Hairbrush for Forever, The Perfect Hairbrush, Best Hairbrushes

The other thing I am not going to lie to you about is the fact that I have really pretty hair. Which makes me pretty lucky. I have a huge amount of hair, that is thinned out on a regular basis by the sheer cutters I also have sitting on the counter. Pretty much anyone can cut it and it is going to look ok. Listen, a good cut is a a good cut, but I have had some bad ones too and it wasn’t a catastrophe. Dye takes to my hair well because it is naturally light, short hair works out because my head isn’t oddly shaped and long hair dries with some small waves underneath. My topknots are perfect because my ears don’t really stick out too far. By and by it is going to be ok no matter how I do it…

Which is precisely why I don’t.

It is also precisely why I don’t know the first thing about a hairbrush.

A Hairbrush for Forever, The Perfect Hairbrush, Best Hairbrushes

The hairbrush I have, that gets used about once a week, started to look pretty scraggly. Not wanting to invest in the mason pearson, (I totally get it, the caviar of hairbrushes) I set google on fire to find out my next move. Holy Shit. A lot of hairbrushes out there!!! For a lot of different stuff!!! Finally, feeling defeated I put in a call to none other than Claire Over There. If your best friend went to beauty school, you should take advantage of that.

This is what google and Claire have taught me:

It isn’t about the hairbrush as much as it is about the type of hair you want as a result of the hairbrush…

1.) Reducing Static Without Tugging or Breaking Hair – Sephora Collection Paddle Brush

Sephora Collection Hairbrush, A Hairbrush for Forever

3.) Polished Look, Smoothing Down the Frizzy Edges  -Bumble & Bumble The Flat Classic Brush

Bumble and Bumble Classic Hairbrush, A Hairbrush for Forever

2.) Thick Mane of Curls – Denman D4 Heavyweight 9 Row Brush

Denman 9-Row Styling Brush, Model D4, A Hairbrush for Forever

4.) For the Blow Out (Great for Thin Hair) – Ibiza Collection Round Brush

Ibiza Hairbrush, A Hairbrush for Forever


So, which hairbrushes are your favorites & what did I miss???

***beauty always comes from within, pictures from here, here, and here, XOXO, behind the mirror***
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  • Gloss and Dirt Blog

    I’m always confused by brushes. I have a round brush for blow dry times and a paddle brush for weave brushing. I don’t brush during the day, either. I’m way too lazy for that mess!

    • Behind the Mirror

      Glad to know I am not the only person too lazy to brush my hair on a reg. basis!! Thanks so much for stopping by the blog, hope to see you again over here… and of course I will be stopping by gloss and dirt!!!

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