The Truth is Hard as Nails

For Claire,

Because she is a witness to the strength…
So this is the truth behind the strength at hand!

One could say I have tweezer-like-strength-nails. In fact, I have said that. To Claire. One might also say, “who cares?” I will tell you who cares… Ever had a knot so tight you had to use your teeth to get it undone or a necklace so tangled you needed a safety pin to untangle it? I haven’t. Why? Because I have tweezer-like-strenth-nails. Ok, no my nails are not as strong as stainless steel. But, they are very strong.
The average catch-the-swinging-door before it hits you in the face or too hard stroke of the keyboard isn’t going to break my nails. So how do I achieve these abnormally strong finger nails? 
Everyone knows prenatal vitamins will enhance the strength of a woman’s hair and nails. Right now I am not encouraging anything to be prenatal in my body therefore I keep to a couple easy at home tricks…
1.) Cut your nails; don’t bite them. Biting your nails is a destructive habit. Trust me I know, I used to bite my nails to the quick and it isn’t pretty. It’s a tough habit to quit for good.
What ended up working for me was going to get a weekly manicure. Yes, it starts to get expensive. However, spending money on my nails every week made me value them more and hence I didn’t destroy them. Basically, it came down to the fact I was spending my hard earned money and I wasn’t going to mess up what I paid for.

2.) Cut your nails while taking a bath. I don’t know if this is a proven theory. I have never read to do that or heard of anyone else doing it, but I swear by it. The nails become softer in the bath the same way the skin does on your fingers and toes and start to look like prunes. When you cut them in the bath it isn’t as harsh as cutting them after a hard day at work when your nails are worn out and dry.

3.) File nails with a crystal nail file, which creates a smooth edge that won’t catch instead of the gritty, sand-papery tools. File & buff nails. Rather than see-sawing back and forth, which can weaken the nail and cause it to split and peel, “File from the outer edges toward the center” in one direction.

4.)  Pay attention to your cuticles! Each morning after my shower I apply Essie’s Deep-Conditioning Cuticle Oil. This helps to hydrate and moisturize skin (oil will also prevent lacquer from sticking).

While people show strength in many different ways, my strength is often shown through tweezer-fingers.

Where does your strength lie? Strong hair? Strong, bold lashes? Strong, muscular arms? Where is your beauty strength?

***beauty always comes from within, photos from here , and the rest are from me because it is me, xoxo, behind the mirror***

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