Some Serious Body Scrubs

Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish, Ahava Sea Salt Scrub, Bliss Sugar Scrub, Fat Girl Scrub, Some Serious Body Scrubs, Behind the Mirror

I take body scrubs very seriously. Anyone who has ever had a need to shower at my apartment tells me two things after they get finished. The first being that I have a shitty drain. Noted. The second being that I have a lot of body scrubs in the shower. Damn right, I do and I need them. Ok, I need them in that first world problem sort of way. My shower guest then usually proceeds by interrogating as to how so many different scrubs ended up in my shower.

“Are those just samples you are testing out for the blog?” they usually ask.

Sadly, no. Those are all mine and they all serve different purposes and at the risk of looking insane, let’s just call it thorough right here and now…

Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish, Ahava Sea Salt Scrub, Bliss Sugar Scrub, Fat Girl Scrub, Some Serious Body Scrubs, Behind the Mirror

Make no mistake, I don’t even use a body scrub everyday. These are for special occasions and they each serve a specific purpose.

Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish.

As recently discussed here, I use the Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish to get my legs ready for warm weather. Again, it is perfect, especially if you are planning to use a self tanner. A lot of sea-salt scrubs contain oils that will sit on your skin and create a barrier between you and the self-tanner.

Ahava Soothing Exfoliator.

This is the go to for extreme circumstances. Circumstances that only warrant seriously removing the top layer of skin. A circumstance like winter. The Ahava Smoothing Exfoliaor has a blend of Dead Sea ingredients and Moroccan Argan Shells, Date Kernel, Grape Seeds and Sugar Cane to help smooth the skin, nourishing it for enhanced clarity and radiance. And maybe I am a wimp, but those shells kind of hurts a tiny tiny bit when applying the scrub. But, rest assured, your skin will be very soft afterwards.

Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish, Ahava Sea Salt Scrub, Bliss Sugar Scrub, Fat Girl Scrub, Some Serious Body Scrubs, Behind the Mirror

Bliss Sugar Scrub.

I have also spoken of the Bliss Sugar Scrub in the past here. I use this scrub for the bikini area as advised by my technician at the spa. However, it just occurred to me this very moment that The Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish is also a sugar scrub and I would gamble on the idea that they could be used interchangeably and therefore I don’t need both, but whatever.

Fat Girl Scrub.

This one is reserved for special occasions when I have a long time to get ready for bed. Therefore, I only use Fat Girl Scrub every so often, but I feel like it does everything it claims to. It is a “skin smoothing, circulation stimulating, body exfoliator for less than perfect parts.”

Sometimes I have more. I am a big fan of the Sabon Sea Salt Scrub, but alas this was all that was in my shower today.

What other body scrubs should I try?

***beauty always comes from within, photos taken by Amanda Teague, xoxo behind the mirror***

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  • misswang123

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  • Dahi Koch

    i once tested ahava products and they are very good

  • Sarah

    Oh. Compared to you, I’m a real body exfoliate grump! I only own one from the body shop, something with strawberrys) and only use it once in a while…
    xx, Sarah

    • Oh, don’t worry, I have used and also really like the body scrub from the body shop. haha, it is a good one.

  • Kiri Yanchenko

    These all look fantastic and I wish I could use them but since my skin is so sensitive I have to stick to sorbolene. :-(

  • Ashley White

    Awesome post- exfoliation is soo important (I’m learning this more and more). :)


  • Natalia

    I confess, I DIY my own most of the time. Would love to try the Fresh one, though (and I think it would look beautiful in a bathroom, too :) )x

    • You are going to have to let us know what your secret is for a great DIY body scrub. I have been in the market for one!

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