Yep, blueberries

blueberry face mask, blueberries in fashion, blueberries

One of my best girlfriends was here, at the apartment, one day for a picnic in the backyard and it was all like blueberry this and blueberry that… she was obsessed. Going on and on about the antioxidants and so on… I totally get it. And in a muffin, great, count me in… but to snack on? Like chips? No thanks. I mean, forget the fact that I didn’t even wash them right. Which Athena had a great time laughing about. Anyways, I won’t put you through what I suffered in the blueberry tutorial, but I will tell you the point of her ramblings. Blueberries do great things for your skin. That I can get into.

Not wanting to eat blueberries like chips, I thought to myself, “I bet you can just smear them on your face the same why you can vitamin C and it would be good for you too…”

 Sure enough, you can!

blueberry face mask, blueberries in fashion, blueberries

So since Athena was so blueberry crazy, we decided to take a little time for ourselves (something I encourage all women to do.) We smeared our faces with blueberries over some cocktails in the very same place the first blueberry tutorial took place, destiny if you will…

Over on beauty bets, the same day I was gathering the pineapple foot mask recipe I spotted a hydrating blueberry mask.

What you need:
1/4 fresh blueberries 
1 tbsp raw honey
1 tbsp olive oil
Juice of half a lemon
1 tsp sugar
(and 1 cup of plain greek yogurt)
What you do:
1. Mix the fist four ingredients in a blender until smooth.
2. Add the plain greek yogurt and blend a little more. 
3. Sprinkle in sugar and massage evenly over the face (not in your eyes.)
4. Leave mask on for ten minutes.
5. Remove with a warm, damp cloth.

blueberry face mask, blueberries in fashion, blueberries

 In all honesty, the original recipe does not call for yogurt. However, I had some left over from the pineapple masterpiece and it was super runny without it. We also put it in the fridge for about 10 minutes. Which thickened it up so it was more like a mask, and also to my delight the cold felt wonderful on my skin.

Also, so maybe it was my blender, not sure, but the little skins from the blueberries don’t grind up all that great. Needless to say, it looks pretty nasty on your face. Especially, the dark blue chunks. But it dries within 10 minutes and after I washed it off I will definitely admit my skin felt great.

I am also happy to report that a co-worker told me my skin looked good the next day, take with that what you will….

***beauty always comes from within, photos from hereand there, XOXO behind the mirror***

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