My Ass Got Frumped

For those who wear bad clothes well,
Because dressing well isn’t cutting it anymore…
So my ass got frumped!

Anyone who has been to Williamsburg or turned on the radio lately can attest to the fact that wearing your grandpa’s clothes is having a moment. While music has taken a modest popping tags departure from the extravagant ways of P-Diddy (Sean Combs, Puff Daddy, Diddy, whatever I can’t keep up…) and jet setting in fur, Two Frumps have taken a departure from the “basic zone” because “chic is overrated”. I instantly fell in love with the writers of Two Frumps who “overall dress in a way that is often perceived as ironic although… being dead serious” frump out some style. Needless to say, I was ecstatic when Katerina Stavreva, from Two Frumps, agreed to frump out my style.
As told on Two Frumps by Katerina Stavreva.
Favorite Frumps: Amanda Teague
Starting out my fashion career as a lowly intern at Valentino exactly 3 years ago, I laid eyes on the very first (properly done) peplum top I ever saw. Resort 2010. Give me some. Little did I know, however, peplum would quickly morph into this persistent immortal mythical monster of a trend that would engulf a good number of waists and buttocks in its pleaty embrace for years to come. Needless to say, faced with such a mainstream fad my premature enthusiasm took a Valium and retreated accordingly.
13,000 blog posts on the topic (and one serious attempt to make #sickofpeplum a thing) later, I often find myself still wondering why this trend just.won’t.die. But as somewhere right now a Kardashian sister is squeezing her pregnant ass into yet another peplum dress, I have come to realize that one can make even the most annoying of trends frump-worthy given the right amount of accessories, determination and willingness to go where a messenger of basic chic (think Olivia Palermo) would not even dare send a carrier pigeon, sartorially speaking. This important lesson was taught to me by a key frump in my life: Amanda Teague.
Amanda is one of those girls that you would casually spot walking around Soho and proceed to follow for a good few blocks just to figure out where those shoes are from or take notes on her print-mixing skills. But while print cocktails are a frump’s first order of business in the morning, it is far from the only cookie she’s got in the jar. Frump checklist for the summer: 1. plastic visor, 2. tie your pants in knots, and 3. ONE big ass earring as it should be obvious you didn’t just lose the other one.
As with anything else, your job as a trend-hater is to NOT wear your peplum the way everyone else is wearing it (tight). After all, this is precisely why this trend won’t go away, it hugs your body in just the right places while it hides exactly what you want it to hide and duly maximizes your hourglass game. But for the love of frumpkind and waist-defying apparel, don’t go that route. This is where Amanda would step in and append our “print on print” motto with “baggy on baggy” and all is right in the world again: a peplum ensemble that is completely Kardashian-proof. αρσενική δύναμη
P.S. I did try to find some more roomy peplum ideas to stimulate your imagination but this is the only treasure I was able to dig out. Hope you get the idea, BODY-CON IS THE ENEMY.
Two Frumps is written by Katerina Stavreva & Morgan Ballot-Godsey. To learn more about what a frump is see for yourself here. CLICK IT, Learn from the Masters!
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  • Behind the Mirror

    The knotted pants were the result of baggy pants in the rain that ended up looking awesome… give it a try!!!

  • Signe Savant

    Hahahahaha! I've been rockin' my grandma's clothes for a while! I like the idea of the knotted pants. I keep making myself print PJ pants, so I should probably try it! In case I haven't already informed you: I have a choose-your-prize jewelry giveaway going on now, as well! : signe : the daily savant :

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