DIY: How to Fix Discolored Nails

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It’s common knowledge that I have a love-hate relationship with nail color. (more…)

DIY: Soothing Magic Bath

DIY Soothing Magic Bath, Behind the Mirror, Oatmeal Bath,  Milk Bath, Bath for Dry Skin

I live for the weekends. Seriously. It makes me sad because I spend 5 of the 7 days in a week hoping for them to quickly pass so I can get to the fun part of my week. The weekend. You may be wondering why I wish for the majority of my week to pass so quickly. (more…)

Winter White Eyebrows?

Amanda Teague, behind the mirror, winter white eyebrows

There comes a time in every young girl’s life when she looks at a magazine filled with beautiful models and says to herself, “I would like to look like that.”


The Common Cold From Hell

common cold from hell, girl breathing under water, detox bath

For most of the last week I have been sick. And I mean, I have BEEN sick. I’m not currently sick, I’m currently in Tokyo not allowing myself to be sick. But, this is what got me from there to here, besides the plane.  (more…)

The Color of Life

Punk: Chaos to CoutureFor a Life Full of Color,

Because sometimes the same ole gets boring…
So splash some color on it!!

New York Fashion Week was last week. Again. While I am sure everyone is dying to know how my NYFW went, unless you are interested in the clickety clackety of my fingers hitting the keyboard “over and over, and over, and over, and over like a monkey with a miniature symbol” we should move on. Among other things, NYFW can also be blamed for my lack of posts. Really, it is time to move on.

So, as my fingers were clickety clacking at my keyboard far past an appropriate time for the day to end, I reminisced over a time much less busy. It was then that I remembered that time I wasn’t invited to the Met Gala. That was one serious case of FOMO, but after a glass of wine I was over it… (more…)

Alcohol or Nail Polish Remover?

For Alienor (Alien),
Because we’ve turned her into one of us…
So what now?!?!?!


So Fresh, So Clean

For everyone out there struggling with a little OCD,
Because you can handle it as long as it’s clean…
So clean it no matter what they say!
About this time every year spring cleaning tends to become a “thing.” This is a hard concept for me. One might say I can be compulsively clean, neat, and organized to the point that other people’s messes that have nothing to do with me stress me out. One might say that. However, it is no joke I like clean. All year. Clean. 

A Razor Thief in the Night

For the Future,

Because everyone has a lesson to learn…
So this is what I have learned!
It’s Monday and that sucks. Let me tell you a story to make it better. Several years ago after a bad breakup I found myself sharing a bed with my friend Claire and sharing an apartment with my friends Megan and Claire. While most nights were filled with way too much wine to drown my sorrows, the mornings were filled with me doing my best to at least shower. As I stayed there for almost six months and much exceeded my welcome, I took a very valuable piece of knowledge with me from what should have been dark times but were actually pretty fun in retrospect.

The Home Stretch

For Leslie,
Because we’re past the last corner…
So it’s straight to the finish line from here!



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