Best Hotel Soaps to Steal

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Could everyone who has never taken the hotel shampoo, conditioner, and lotion please raise their hand? (more…)

The Sandpaper Backside Solution

two girls with sand on their asses, two naked girl asses, behind the mirror, the sandpaper back solution

As New Yorkers, we pretend crazy shit that happens around us all the time isn’t happening. It is a survival mechanism.

Example: This morning I took the bus. I take the bus pretty often because I don’t go far, as a general rule, from my apt and my travels rarely warrant a subway ride. My travels don’t really warrant a bus ride, but it’s cold.  None the less, I was on the bus. (more…)

Wish You Were Here, Paris

Paris France, Metro Paris, Behind the Mirror, Wish You Were Here Paris, Behind the Mirror (more…)

The Impossibility of Perfection


It is impossible to look perfect everyday. (more…)

Who, Me?

Amanda Teague, Behind the Mirror, Who Me?, About


It has been almost a year a while since we did an “about” post.

I am Amanda, and this is my blog. This is where you can find my quirky take on beauty, written from a fashion girl’s perspective to the annoyances and trials to maintain a successful beauty routine after our twenties while “shifting” into our thirties: trying to have it all, the family, the relationship, the energy, a career, and most importantly who we are as women. In short, this is a journey about happiness one beauty routine at a time.

Along with a lot of personal beauty adventures, you will find the site is frequently spiced up with more than beauty – inspiration from my travels, photo muses, stylish men and women who wear beauty well, magical concoctions, and occasional thoughts on music & fashion.


Amanda Teague, Behind the Mirror, Who Me?, About


I am a southerner turned New Yorker by way of Alphabet City over 10 years ago. I plan Marc Jacobs retail business by day. Therefore, you will often hear from my MJ girls who contribute to very informal and unscientific polls mainly conducted on g-chat. We also snoop Behind the Mirror of many new faces constantly.

Inspired after I was horrified to learn one of my best friends hadn’t applied lotion in seven months following the birth of her daughter, I set out to create a quick, easy site for women to go to for home remedies and news on the latest beauty products.

I love: time alone, long baths, big glasses of wine, the beach, a good book, Mr. Assouline, leopard, fashion magazines, to travel, oxford commas, and Portugal the Man a lot.


Amanda Teague, Behind the Mirror, Who Me?, About


So, now it is your turn. Who are you? Tell me in the comments.

Oh! And, I look like this now!

***beauty always comes from within, photos taken by Amiram Assouline & Katerina Stavreva, xoxo behind the mirror***

Over & Done

girl on the beach in short shorts, girl drinking out of a straw on the beach, girl with strong muscles, behind the mirror, over and done (more…)

A Rose Mask Valentine

Amanda Teague, Behind the Mirror, A Rose Mask Valentine, Fresh Rose Mask

Valentine’s day isn’t really my thing.


5 Fashion Week Survival Tips

New York Fashion Week, Thakoon, Girl backstage at a fashion show, Greasy Hair at fashion week

Backstage Look from Thakoon

I am exhausted. In fact, I am pretty much too tired to write this…

Why? Because it is that time of year again… (more…)

Wish You Were Here, NYFW

Ben Eine, Heartfelt, Behind the Mirror, NYFW, (more…)

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